Our Delivery Model does not consists just of technical expertise, experience and worldwide pool of talented people. These are basic requirements for success. What we rely the most on, is our distinctive collaborative culture, our investment in proven delivery methodologies, innovative tools and and processes. Here are some highlight intersection points of our process:

- Collaborative Requirements Collection
- Comprehensive Design
- Flexible Implementation
- Thorough Testing
- Timely and Effortless Deployment

Collaborative Requirements Collection
We prefer to collect all the information regarding the project, your requirements, details of interfaces. This will help us understand the scope of the project and we can decide which functionality is important and prioritize the implementation. Normally, this interaction is in person, but we will provide you with detailed questionnaire and ensure of email contact constantly. We will freeze the requirements collection after you have approved of the scope. We will present you with full documentation in this regard. We would require you to send us the data u have.

Comprehensive Design
A good design helps in developing a stable application and ensures well organized features. We would submit all required design documents to you. this would be split up as database design and site design.

Flexible Implementation
Once the design has been finalized, we can proceed with the implementation. But we understand Client needs and can restructure our work on the way.

Thorough Testing
We test our work vigorously to ensure a totally bug free performance, and if any found they would be fixed at our expense.

Timely and Effortless Deployment
Deployment process is transparent and effortless for the Client. We can take care of complete deployment cycle as long as it fits our Client needs.

With the dynamic culture of collaboration as part of our core value, ITOSCan holds the key to success when it comes to off-shore and near-shore outsourcing software development. It is clear, well-timed and accurate communication, professional management, high quality and strategic partnership. We are well-known on software outsourcing market and proud of our great reputation. Since 1999, in collaboration with our partners, we successfully delivered more than 600 projects in different areas using our skills, process and know-how’s.